Commitment to Safety

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Our number one priority is the safe construction and operation of the Goldendale Energy Storage Project

The Goldendale Energy Storage Project will comply with all US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Division of Dam Safety regulations. Safety will be incorporated into all aspects of project design, construction, and operation. The project will utilize trained and experienced construction inspectors who will ensure compliance with all safety standards and construction specifications.

Before being placed into operation, the project will be inspected by the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Division of Dam Safety. Once in service, the project will be required to be monitored, inspected, and maintained to meet federal hydropower and dam safety regulations.


Protecting our workforce

Protecting our workforce and enabling our crews to work in a safe, controlled, and healthy environment is paramount. Our team is taking every precaution to minimize the risk of infection on our jobsites and has implemented safety precautions as part of our overall COVID-19 management plan.

A safe, equitable, and environmentally sound way to store and integrate carbon free sources of electricity. Supporting Washington's efforts to meet its clean energy goals.