Goldendale Energy Storage Project

A community driven approach to 100% renewable energy

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Committed to a carbon free and equitable power grid

The Goldendale Energy Storage Project is a cornerstone of both Washington’s and the broader Pacific Northwest’s clean energy economy. It will provide quality jobs and rural economic development while helping Washington and the region meet its clean energy goals with minimal environmental impacts.

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Investing in the Region

What does Pumped Storage mean for the Region?

Generating carbon-free hydroelectricity without new dams on rivers—a strategy environmental groups and energy companies can both get behind.

Creating more than 3,000 family wage jobs during a four-year construction period, and another 60 permanent jobs.

Relies on mature, cost-competitive and clean technology.

Critical to helping Washington and the region meet renewable energy mandates.

Revitalizing private land on a former brownfield site near Goldendale, Washington into a clean energy resource and a flexible storage asset.

Benefitting the Columbia River Gorge region’s economic development, energy, and conservation plans.


How does pumped storage work?

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Project Overview


The project would infuse $2B+ dollars into rural Washington and generate millions of dollars in annual taxes for Klickitat County to fund schools, police and fire departments, roads, playgrounds, libraries and other infrastructure. Learn More


Our number one priority is the safe construction and operation of the Goldendale Energy Storage Project. The project will bring new life to the site of a former aluminum smelter. Learn More


We will continue to make ourselves available to answer questions and address your concerns as the project moves into the next phase of development. Learn More

A safe, equitable, and environmentally sound way to store and integrate carbon free sources of electricity. Supporting Washington's efforts to meet its clean energy goals.