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Looking to the future

The successful integration of wind and solar depend on the ability to store large amounts of renewable energy on a daily basis so that it can be dispatched when and where it’s needed. The region will not be able to meet its energy and climate goals without the ability to store energy to use when we need it. The Goldendale Energy Storage Project will address these challenges in the Pacific Northwest for generations to come.

Economic Benefits

Creating jobs and investing in the region

$2 Billion+ project 8 miles SE of Goldendale creates more than 3,000 family-wage jobs during its 4-year construction period.

The project will create 50 to 70 permanent jobs.

Offers job training and employment opportunities to the surrounding community.

Infuses billions of dollars into rural Washington and Oregon.

Generates $14 Million+ tax dollars annually in Klickitat County.

Job Creation

Because of the size and duration of the construction and operation of the Goldendale Energy Storage Project it is a unique opportunity for the region to replenish our nation’s vital skilled workforce by training union apprentices in many of the building trade crafts. As our skilled workforce retires the building trades is always looking for projects with a large enough scope and duration that they can encompass the duration of a 4-5 year apprenticeship training program. It will also be an opportunity to give those in the region the ability to learn the skills necessary to be certified for a career in the building and construction trades where they can gain a career that pays a family wage.

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Clean Up

Revitalize former brownfield site

The Goldendale project represents a new era for the former site of the Golden Northwest Aluminum smelter, which is located on private land near exiting utility right of way.

The project will generate 1,200 megawatts of renewable energy—approximately the same amount as 7,320 acres of wind turbines or 53,640 acres of solar without the environmental impacts.

The environmental impacts of a “closed-loop” hydro storage project are minimal, especially when compared to other hydroelectric projects.

$10 million dollars will be spent to revitalize the site.

A safe, equitable, and environmentally sound way to store and integrate carbon free sources of electricity. Supporting Washington's efforts to meet its clean energy goals.